Meet the Team

Our robotics team

The Team

Team Manager: Assa Sacko

Build Team

This is Bob The Builder's department. We work tirelessly throughout the season to build the most competitive robot possible.

Captain: Nicolai Fiden
Lieutenant Captain: Ainsley Ogilvie

The build team
The programming team


The Programming Team's main purpose is to code the robots used in the competitions. Without their help, our robots would be motionless!

Captain: Zachary Collazo


The Safety Team is devoted to keeping our members and work spaces safe. Our goal is to ensure a safe and productive season. Remember: Always use use protection!

Captain: Ola Amr
Lieutentant Captain: Tracy Flowers

The safety team
The PR team


The Public Relations team is devoted to getting the ARGS Robotics name known through the use of social media (MySpace, HotMail emailing list, etc) and other forms of communication.

Captain: Henry Powell


Let's get down to business.

Captain: Natalie Stopf
Lieutenant Captain: Kenneth Dreibelbis

The business team
The scouting team


The Scouting team's purpose is to monitor the competition and ensure a competitive season.

Captain: Liam Gordon